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Réseau des Sites Préhistoriques de Bretagne

Who we are?

The RSPB network has 15 members signatories of the Charter.
We bring together all people working, professionally or voluntarily, to promote prehistoric sites in Brittany, within the framework of companies, within associations, SCOP, EPIC, self-management, etc., or as individuals who express an interest in this type of action.

It is not mandatory to manage, own or work on an archaeological site to join us!

Members’ actions in terms of valorization of the prehistorical heritage may include:

  • cultural mediation in archaeology towards school groups, other organized groups, and individual visitors,
  • publication,
  • exhibitions,
  • shows and events,
  • experimentation,
  • reconstruction,
  • training for professionals,
  • site maintenance.

We join forces to extend reach through 3 goals:

1. Training educational officers

  • Sharing of knowhow and soft skills
  • Creating, exchange and pooling of mediation and valorization tools
  • Disseminating and sharing of knowledge on Breton Prehistory
  • Enabling continuous training, update scientific knowledge

2. Informing the public

  • Organizing common events (days, forums, exhibitions)
  • Provide visibility for unrecognized sites through the use of common communication tools
  • Establish a real community of enlightened professionals and amateurs, united by a common passion for making the sites widely known and understood
  • Ensure awareness of the challenges (stakes) of heritage preservation

3. Revitalizing civic action around Heritage

  • Give rise to citizen involvement,
  • Promote partnership with all public communities or agencies,
  • Support sites in difficulty, in a spirit of solidarity between members,
  • Preserve the natural environment surrounding the sites and raise awareness to it

Realizations and actions of the RSPB since 2014:

Brief history:

  • November 2013: round table in Saint-Just (35), first exchanges take place between different actors involved in the valorization of the prehistoric heritage, around the idea of forming a network
  • 2014: the network is named « Network of Prehistoric Sites of Brittany »
    It acquires a constitutive declaration
  • 2015: drafting of an Accession Charter, finalised in 2016, allowing the first official accessions that year
  • 2016: drafting of the accession specifications, finalised in 2017
  • 2017: start of the website project and creation of the RSPB logo
  • 2018: Finalization of the logo and website

A few initiatives:

  • Since 2014: Organization of a training week in archaeological mediation every year in November
  • August 23, 2014 – Cairn of Petit Mont, Arzon (56): Free one-day event of workshops organized and hosted by the members of the Network
  • March 2015: implementation of a partnership with the Regional Tourism Committee: creation of a page animated by members of the network « La Bretagne des Mégalithes » on the website « Fans de Bretagne« 
  • 2015: implementation of the free loan of educational resources within the RSPB (exhibition, reconstitutions of prehistoric tools)
  • October 2016: Network Inter-Acquaintance Day – Le Quillio (22): visit of the Notre-Dame de Lorette tumulus, the Maison de l’Archéologie in Plussulien, the “Kreizy Archéo” exhibition
  • April 2017: Implementation of the Competency Transfer Days within the Network. First CTD: « Neolithic excavation workshops »
  • April 2017: Network Inter-Acquaintance Day – Megaliths Construction yard AQTA
  • April 2018: submission of an RSPB response to the regional call for projects « Heritage – megaliths of Brittany »
  • July 2018: Competency Transfer Day: Finisterian Prehistory: visits to Penmarc’h, Plouhinec and Plougastel-Daoulas

Coordination :

The RSPB network is currently coordinated by the CPIE Val de Vilaine – Association Nature et Mégalithes.

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