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La Roche aux Fées

La Roche aux fees is a dolmen, it gives its name to the agglomeration community.

It is said that it is the most preserved dolmen of Europe.

The purple schist paving stones that make up the dolmen draw a covered alley. Back in 3000 BC it was a very common type of grave.

Formerly, the site was surmounted by a number of dry stones, or cairn. It gave the monument its majestic appearance.

This covered alley is 19,5m long, 6 metres wide and 4 metres high.

The stones come from a deposit in the middle of the « Theil-de-Bretagne » forest situated 4km away from the site. Each stone weights several tons. The heaviest weighs 45 tons and the total weight reaches almost 500 tons.

The dolmen reveals its true magic on the winter solstice (the 21st of December) when the first rays of sun appear in the entry line.

It owes its good condition to the interest Romantics of the 19th century showed for it. Since then, it keeps arousing admiration and feeding imagination.

It is said that fairies erected the monument one night to prove their existence. The legend also tells that the monument grants wedded bliss to lovers who can each count the same number of stones in the monument.

Location: Essé, 3km away for the town, following the direction towards Retier.

Opening Hours

Starting in April, it is open to the public every weekend and public holiday from 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM.
From July to August : open to the public every day from 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

Group visits can be reserved. Call 0820 205 235
Individual visits in the summer.


Roche aux Fées Communauté

La Roche
35150 Essé

Phone: 0 820 205 235 (0,09€ TTC/MN)


Contact Roche aux Fées Communauté

Other megaliths

Fairies’ Stone

Red schist menhir 4.10m high
It is said that the fairies that constructed « la Roche aux fees » dropped a couple of the stones they were carrying.

Janzé, 4km from the town following the direction towards Bain-de-Bretagne and Thourie’s at the place named Bellevue.
You can see it from the Saulniers path

The Richebourg stone

Quartzite menhir of 3,4m high

Some say the stone was used as a platform to speak in front of crowds. You can imagine a hand print on its top.

Retiers, 5km from the town following the direction towards Forges-la-Forêt’s
Private Property
You can access it along a hiking track

Rumfort’s stone

Red schist menhir of 3m high
Several knocked down stones are laid out around.
It is said that these are building materials that the fairies were bringing for the construction of « roche aux fées » . They may have dropped them when they were informed that the monument was finished.

« Le Theil-de-Bretagne », 4km from the town following the direction towards Coësmes’, in the place named « La Haute parentière »
Private property

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