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Julie Broszniowski

An archaeologist and a museum education officer for many years in France and overseas, I am currently working at the Cairn of Petit-Mont and Cairn of Gavrinis (56) where I provide and organise various workshops and guided tours about Prehistory and megalithic art.



Sharing my knowledge and expertise with the school and general public is at the heart of my position as an education officer and goes with a very good relation and the adaptation of my speech and vocabulary to my audience, children and adults alike. Being fluent in English provides me the skill to translate guided tours and exhibition signs of several museums and associations.

I can offer workshops about the whole span of Prehistory from the Palaeolithic period to the Neolithic one, including the Mesolithic. A few examples of my workshops are: how to make fire without matches or a lighter, how to hunt with a spear and spear-thrower, human evolution , the diet during the Neolithic period, the evolution of the dwellings during Prehistory, cave art, music, pottery, ornaments, weaving and, of course, archaeological excavations and the multi-disciplinary fields around archaeology like archaezoology and the study of ceramics.

I have been an auto-entrepreneur for two years. My area of expertise includes training in museum education and creation of teaching kits and tools. I can come to and offer various workshops for schools, day and summer camps, public and private companies, associations or museums.

Opening Hours

  • Tuesday 15h to 18h30
  • Wednesday 10h to 12h and 14h to 18h30
  • Thursday 15h to 18h00
  • Friday 15h30 to 18h30
  • Saturday 10h to 12h


 Julie Broszniowski
médiatrice en archéologie, indépendante

 1, rue de l’Océan
56640 Arzon

 Phone : +336 10 68 48 22

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