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Auray Quiberon Terre Atlantique’s Megaliths Construction yard

A unique european professional insertion program

Due to the large number of megalithic monuments present on the Auray territory, the Conurbation Community of Auray Quiberon Terre Atlantique implements a professional insertion program, exclusively dedicated to the landscaping and regular maintenance of the megaliths, and created on the initiative of the DRAC heritage services.


The implementation of this work requires expertise and specific knowledge in terms of restoration and conservation of these constructions that are, for most part, protected as Historic Monuments.

Also, the programming of works is established in consultation with the DRAC heritage services, and in partnership with the Sensitive Natural Areas, the Morbihan Departmental Archaeological Service, the Coastal Conservatory, the National Forestry Office, the Communes and the owners. The training of the supervisors in intervention techniques on protected archaeological sites, their awareness of the different types of monuments and the scientific and technical control are also provided by these heritage services.


Beyond its valorization and preservation of megalithic heritage mission, Chantier des Mégalithes (Megaliths Construction yard) is a stepping stone to employment.

Indeed, about 20 agents in insertion (contract of 4 months sometimes renewable) are individually coached by a socio-professional coordinator every year. She ensures a weekly monitoring of their pathways to integration, and supports them in carrying out their professional project. In individual or collective workshops, employees learn job search skills, to update their CV or even to prepare for recruitment interviews. They also benefit from the intervention of health and business professionals, or training organizations… In the field, the supervisor organizes the work and trains the agents to specific equipment, transmitting true competences and know-hows to them, thus facilitating their growth and their return to employment.


The Chantier des Megalithes intervenes today on about 67 sites and monuments belonging to any type of property, mostly protected as Historic Monuments (85%) and, sometimes, as natural heritage (Sensitive Natural Areas, Natura 2000 …). It receives financial support from the Ministry of Labor and Employment and the Departmental Council for its socio-professional integration actions, and from the Ministry of Culture and Communication and the Center for National Monuments for its preservation and valorization of the heritage actions.


Opening Hours

  • Monday 08:30–12:00, 13:30–17:30
  • Tuesday 08:30–12:00, 13:30–17:30
  • Wednesday 08:30–12:00, 13:30–17:30
  • Thursday 08:30–12:00, 13:30–17:30
  • Friday 08:30–12:00, 13:30–16:30
  • Closed on saturday and sunday



Porte Océane – 40, rue du Danemark
CS 70447 – 56404 Auray Cedex

Delphine AUBIN, Culture and Heritage Project manager
Anne Françoise MORICE, In charge of the Insertion, Solidarity and Travelling

Téléphone : +332 22 76 03 92


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