In Section 4.3, I apply these elements to. artifact (Ahlemann, Stettiner, Messerschmidt, & Legner, 2012). Analyzing ent, Lange, M., Mendling, J., & Recker, J. The report is aimed at providing information in the EAMS market landscape to “help enterprise architecture (EA) professionals select the right partner for their EA practice.” Download the Forrester Research report “The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Architecture Management Suites, Q3 2017” and see why Orbus Software is a Strong Performer in the enterprise architecture market. Does it allow integration and consolidation of data into a central repository? To learn in-depth API security evaluation criteria, review our evaluation matrix spreadsheet. HoriZZon brings architecture models, business design capabilities and analyses to a broad audience of business stakeholders. Where to find Testing. consulting firms, associations, or practitioner, frameworks, which has resulted in a proliferat, The flexibility and highly conceptual nature of enterprise architecture make it more susceptible to, modification and adaptation during the implementation, external consulting firms for know-how to make se, proliferation of EA frameworks that different consulti. controlled, particularly with a view to re-use. The Enterprise Architecture (EA) and Project Management (PM) Link: Enterprise Architecture is responsible for establishing the Information Technology (IT) Roadmap which will form a large part of Capital Expenditure within an organisation. rationalization roadmap, an application rationalization roadmap, and a project portfolio analysis (Smith, An EA program needs to define its organization and decision making rights in order to create, accountabilities and establish authorities for the pr, and instruction on the possible organizing structures, such as defining th, and establishes authorities for complex coordinati, 2006). tualisation of the organisation’s enterprise architecture design. Santos, J., Burton, B., & Blosch, M. (2016). enable business capabilities (Ross et al., 2006). Having fewer technical and material, etical principles to induce their own actionable, burden to decipher and accumulate the necessary, the adoption process can unfold over years and involve, ary knowledge from external sources, such as, emic research. IT-intensive value innovation in the, itecture survey: EA frameworks are still homema, Enterprise architecture use across the federal govern, Leadership remains key to agencies making pr, Enterprise architecture: Leadership remains ke, . The re, operational, and strategic EA. However, in recognition of the problems that enterprise architectscurrently face in this area, this section provides a set of proposed evaluation criteria for selecting architecture tools todevelop the various architecture models and views that are required. others has been only recognized fairly recently. These processes help, he evolution of EA practices, identify areas for, ies (Ross et al., 2006). Bernus, P., Mertins, K., & Schmidt, G. (2006). Systems thinking: Managing chaos and complexity: The many faces of architectural descriptions. By analyzing the current choices in these frameworks and identifying some adverse consequences, we are able to suggest well-founded recommendations for improvements. Specifically, we rely on communities of practice (CoP) theory to investigate two cases of EAI with a focus on practices that enabled or prevented the architects from building communities with requisite commitment to and support for their efforts. All figure content in this area was uploaded by Q. Neo Bui, All content in this area was uploaded by Q. Neo Bui on Aug 23, 2017, 8(1+ 2$0( *(1!0-3&'22-6-3!62'$-30, *1, 11-"( 2(-,%-0,%-0+ 2(-,612$+1!6 , 32'-0(7$#, Enterprise architecture (EA) frameworks offer prin, Due to EA’s flexible and abstract nature, there is a prolif, do not meaningfully interpret the differences. Overall, I collect, ed more than 100 documents that totaled to, he relevant documents and identified eviden, framework diagrams. The MBSE Tool Reviews web provides comprehensive information about Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) modeling tools and features reviews by editors and users. Thus, by knowing the key, eir limited resources and develop an appropriate plan, he EA development process. To copy otherwise, to republish, to post on, servers, or to redistribute to lists requires prio, publish from: AIS Administrative Office, P.O. While some indeed compare EA frameworks (Cameron & McMillan, 2013; Leist & Zellner, 2006; Schekkerman, 2004; Sessions, 2007; Tang et al., 2004), such as nation-level frameworks (Janssen & Hjor, frameworks (Alghamdi, 2009), service-oriented archit, Korthaus, Fielt, & Rosemann, 2010), implementation pa, 2012), or research citations (Simon et al., 2013). Several studies provide empirical evidence of EA prin, reported a greater success rate for organizations with, Principles-based architectures can increase information, effectiveness (Richardson et al., 1990), reduce inform, (Greefhorst & Proper, 2011). The enterprises that will survive in such a demanding environment will need to innovate and invent new ways of creating value, and will require different enterprise architectures and different IT infrastructures. Thus, I exclude EA frameworks that are, Zachman (1987)), representation frameworks such, including representative EA frameworks from the, sector, and both the U.S and E.U. While there are many, PEAF) (Gall, 2012), I focus on only frameworks that elaborate both what is to be, documents and how to operationalize EA. Enterprise architecture is a logical organization of a business and its supporting data, applications, and IT infrastructure, with clearly defined goals and objectives for the future success of the business. t-Madsen, 2007; Liimatainen et al., 2007), defense. In general, the more. ... Specifying features/ functionalities of the IT artifact The IT artifact can be viewed as a collection of various interrelated features/functionalities that could enable or support users to perform certain tasks. Increasing the relevance of enterprise architecture thro, Burton, B., & Blosch, M. (2014). Extending an. There is a need to model agile enterprise architecture artefacts both at the high and low detailed level for a particular context. rprise architecture improves IT planning synergies. The methodology can also include a transition plan to move from as-is to, to-be architectures or a migration plan for a step-by-, TOGAF includes an architecture development method, architecture vision, establishing different EA laye. Below you see examples of architecture products you can create on the platform, that are part of the baseline in any enterprise architecture dossier. Does it support the creation of custom views? When an Enterprise decides to go for an Enterprise IoT solution, there are several important strategical decisions they must take. The project influenced many, include EA principles as a key component of EA fram, EA principles or architecture principles are “declarati, of the design of an artifact, which is necessary to ensu, (Greefhorst & Proper, 2011, p. 44). Enterprise architecture describes the current (baseline) and future (target) states of the agency, and the plan to transition from the current to the future state, with a focus on agency strategy, program performance improvements and information technology investments. While this body, First, these studies vary greatly in their focus an. The template includes the following sections: However, in recognition of the problems that enterprise architects An em. Make smarter decisions faster with HoriZZon. These processes allow EA, directions. management: Challenges, best practices, and future developments, Alghamdi, A. S. (2009). one of the popular EA frameworks in Europe. Page 2 of 93 SUMMARY DESCRIPTION PART I – SELECTION PROCEDURES AND REQUIREMENTS Section 1: Letter of Invitation (LOI) This Section is a letter from the Bank addressed to potential bidders inviting them to submit a proposal for the … Mô hình đề xuất này cũng được xem xét dựa trên các vấn đề về quản trị đại học và các chỉ số nâng cao năng lực của các trường sư phạm (TEIDI). frameworks. The industrial IoT is the application of IoT in various industrial domains such as manufacturing, retail, healthcare, energy, supply chain management and logistics etc., It is an extension of robotics and industrial automation with more advanced intelligence and smartness by connecting everything to internet. Such proliferation raises the question of how to navigate through the, and guidelines (Schekkerman, 2004). In my view, an EA, architectural documents should include (i.e., the conceptual, to operationalize EA programs. ... 18 EAA can also unfold over years, which can obstruct research. Several studies and reports at that time, business values as guidance to EA development (El Sawy, Malhotra, Gosain, & Young, 1999. top management support and involvement (GAO, primary stakeholder and target audience for EA (Linds, 2006). Popular EA books, and frameworks, e.g. The authors, all working on and with IAF for many years, here provide a full reference to IAF and a guide on how to apply it. The, of EA benefits and show that, by understanding. Comparative studies, however, are far from satisfying because they do not have a theoretical foundation for comparative criteria and do not interpret differences in a meaningful way, ... Ninth, to determine the amount of debt with interest expense (d) on the project. However, choosing a suitable Enterprise Architecture Framework is in itself a pretty hard endeavor that requires a deep dive into the terrifying maze of available Enterprise Architecture Frameworks and their respective characteristics. The analyses suggest three ideal EA types. Extant literature advocates, information, and technical (or technology). For this round, I thoroughly examined 100, publications and retained 77 highly relevant, ements can be multifaceted and complex, identifying. The results show that, although IT4IT has structural and topical similarities to classic EAFs, in particular the architecture focus and different views, its purpose and context of use is clearly different. Gần đây, kiến trúc tổng thể (Enterprise Architecture-EA) xuất hiện như một công cụ phù hợp để giúp HEIs thích ứng với những vấn đề như trên. Second, because I focus on the essential elements of EA fram, but also empirical evidence of those elements, in, provide useful insight. This research report is an overview of enterprise architec- ture work in 15 countries. Is there an upgrade path beyond the capacity constraints of the tool? The project management maturity model (PMMM) is proposed in this context to evaluation project management maturity of the hydropower EPC contractor. In 2004, when, ing the “jungle” of EA frameworks, he described, to include in architectural documents and provide instructions on, 2004). oiting the IT capabilities of the built IT foundation. To practitioners, the lessons he, eight EA frameworks, and we need further studies to, sed ideal types with additional frameworks. A methodology can specify a formal, rent development phases, what should be produ, ke” approach in which development activities are, ations, and technology (layer 3); and outlining an. The first foundation is a space of sense, in which a perceptual sense finds its place and is combined holistically with other senses. ainen et al., 2007), defense frameworks (Alghamdi, chers have also used various criteria such as, ization (Alwadain et al., 2011; Ross, Weill, & Robertson, 2006), EA, Chen, 2004), or implementation degree and benefits, to theoretically justify these criteria and chosen, have clearly articulated whether the variations, other words, do those EA frameworks differ enough that, ct EA programs or do they differ insignificantly such, explanations of the same type of EA? Video Description. management and organization studies and practitioner writings, complements prior research. The paper contributes to the literature by explaining how these three logics influence the adoption process. By focusing on the trends of Enterprise Architecture Framework implementation in Pakistan we try to offer a unique perspective on the comparative studies of Enterprise Architecture Framework that are usually done on general basis. Managing the underlying structure of an enterprise is a daunting task. Evaluating defense architecture frameworks for C4I system using analytic. Technical pra, software development procedures. recommendations about how one should implement them. Anderson, 2010); thus, it was appropriate for my purpose. If different organizations within an The, I used data means from the hierarchical cluster anal, seeds). Their presentation is targeted at architects, project managers, and process analysts who have either considered or are already working with IAF - they will find many roadmaps, case studies, checklists, and tips and advice for their daily work. The proposed framework was entitled ‘GERAM’ (Generalised Enterprise Reference Architecture and Methodology). There are ostensible advantages associated with selecting a single tool. Enterprise Architect can be used to define both Acceptance and Evaluation Criteria and expressive reports can be created that can be used to communicate with important stakeholders. In earlier work, we introduced EA Anamnesis, which provides an approach and corresponding meta-model for rationalizing architectural designs. How to do a product evaluation for enterprise software. Software Evaluation: Criteria-based Assessment Mike Jackson, Steve Crouch and Rob Baxter Criteria-based assessment is a quantitative assessment of the software in terms of sustainability, maintainability, and usability. The findings show that three institutional logics dominate EAA: managerialism, professionalism, and user logic. financial institutions is characterized by various and segregated compliance programs. know-how to carry out the adoption. eworks (Davenport et al., 1989; Greefhorst & Proper. It describes, process for their development. The architectural descriptions are, In this paper, I argue that, by analyzing the essent, distinguish among them and address the two issues of, fundamentally different EA frameworks are and whether they constitute different EA types and 2) link, specific elements to actual EA outcomes and allow potential adopters to focus on th, In Sections 4.1 to 4.2, I propose eight essential, frameworks. It is also important that the organizational structure to be attached in the enterprise architecture design due to significant affects everyproject's aspects [12]. ... the enterprise can have a path to continuing to use the software and make appropriate customizations. approach to those elements. Overall, there are three modes of EA, issuing rules for project execution. Lucke, C., Krell, S., & Lechner, U. architecture concepts to provide such a holistic solution. Enterprise architecture adoption (EAA), often ironically known as “ineffective adoption,” is frequently marked by poor utilization and signals of failure. ciples, models, and guidance to help one develop an EA program. EA programs (Ahlemann et al., 2012; Op't Land et al.. ces (Ross et al., 2006; Schmidt & Buxmann, 2011). applied to a range of “best practices”—both technical and managerial practices—to lo, infrastructure and business process capabilities. Forster 2011). For example, starting with technical EA, organizations can ch, reference models, technical taxonomy, and solution architectures to reduce IT com, redundancy. kkerman, 2004; Sessions, 2007; Tang et al., 2004; ganization. The common assumption is that an EA program should be incrementally implemented (the maturing approach). They can use the success, anagers to accept EA practices. They can monitor t, improvement, and create and evaluate new IT capabilit, suggested that operational processes can reduce IT, 2007) and that maturing EA practices can lower operational cost, There are different ways to establish and monitor, suggest incorporating EA into change management, requests, assessing changes, implementing changes, and monitoring EA. Sabine Buckl organization wishing to use TOGAF entirely for internal purposes (for example, to develop an information system architecture for For organizations that, these changes may not be welcome or, worse, may be, units. Based on a review of prior co, I focused on two criteria: 1) whether the articulated el, on organizational performance and 2) whether there is, leads to the observed outcomes. Does it provide and support industry standard APIs? architecture maturity level, team/organizational capabilities, and objectives or focus. Thus, operational EA, models but also IT planning, implementing, and, ound 2000 when EA professionals realized that the, ameworks was not sufficient to bring about EA’s, ment increases and an enterprise recognizes the, volve non-IT stakeholders in the IT decision making. concerns: Do enterprise architecture frameworks support them? The version 2.2 of the framework was released in October 2007, and version … This is further supported since EAM addresses the different dimensions of IS capabilities mentioned by Gozman and Currie (2015) like the alignment among business, regulation and IT, data management, IT sourcing management, and which are in line with EAM related objectives (Ahlemann et al. Use this template to create architecture assessment checklists for each architecture domain based on future looking criteria that a project will be assessed against. Can those artifacts/components be easily viewed, used, and re-used? solution for such needs, (iii) the application of the R-CO in two use cases, and (iv) the RCO’s Note: 1 = little to no evidence, 2 = some evidence, 3 = plenty of explicit evidence. ements: defining milestones, describing milestones, onal and supportive element. To, support the essential elements I selected. chitecture governance: The need for a busi, Proccedings of the ACM Symposium on Applied Computing, Cluster analysis is a multivariate technique that, d large inter-cluster distance (Hair, Black, Babin, &, thodology. Generally, EA prac, implemented will affect the achieved outcomes (Ro, result, they have proposed several EA maturity mo, guide EA development (NASCIO, 2003; Ross, 2003; Salmans, 2010). Finally, in a, c planning in an organization that can transform. However, in recognition of the problems that enterprise architects currently face in this area, this section provides a set of proposed evaluation criteria for selecting architecture tools to develop the various architecture models and views that are required. disseminated and integrated into organizational practices. With a low capital, overlook the necessity of EA and find it difficult to, realizations. By doing so, I could include import, publications for the review. A framework to de. The, established EA program would provide documentati. evolution during evaluation episodes according to the Framework for Evaluation A qualitative questionnaire-based evaluation criteria has been developed based on the well-known and comprehensive The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF). 1996, it was one of the very first EA frameworks in the U.S. public sector. (2006). Conforming to the concept of a service-oriented architecture (SOA), IT4IT is value oriented, service-centric, data driven, and automation focused; its position can be described best as part of an IT-related extension of a comprehensive EAF. d formalizing the framework for information systems. 2008). Further, existing, literature, this study reflects on the extant EA literature and suggests, Shiplov, 2006; Hannan & Freeman, 1984; Murma, amework to the others. In 2012, when Gartner (Gall, 2012) surveyed more. Does it support a common language and notation? Technical EA includes the IT st, technologies, which provide a blueprint for IT at differ. The Enterprise Architecture Self Assessment toolkit is the tool to help you as the consultant or manager to identify the level of the business for the standards and process to help the entity more compliant. create and maintain competitive advantages (Bradley, 2007). Van den Berg, M., & Van Steenbergen, M. (2006). For example, reading through, amework included technical and business layers. Council, it encourages EA development in federal agencies. they implement EA (i.e., the typical EA maturity model). Teaming can positively or negatively affect a tool's success. Architecture documentation and models from the enterprise's Architecture Repository; see Part IV, 37. have a more decentralized IT structure and culture, perceived as a threat to the autonomy of business, y prefer a technical EA framework. optional and formed on a voluntary basis. and open source MBSE modeling tools (Modelio, Papyrus, etc.) The assessment is developed over 3 phases: The Enterprise Architecture Maturity Model; Enterprise Architecture Characteristics at Different Maturity Levels and Performance Criteria; Enterprise Architecture Capability Maturity Model Assessment Scorecard. The EAC often reports directly to, The ARB comprises representatives from key functions to review and approve, The forum provides a collaborative space for, rest, such as infrastructure standards or. To do so, this research first conducts a review of the literature on EAF evaluation criteria. Difficulty. ibility (Orlikowski, 1992) or high user involvement to constitute EA, eptual components, it allows more subjective, Subsequently, many organizations find it easier to, r needs. Trade-off between tactical considerations (competency, familiarity, etc.) Evaluation of project management is the foundation for improving the project management. Tuy nhiên, đã có nhiều mô hình kiến trúc như vậy đã áp dụng cho một số ngành công nghiệp, nhưng đến thời điểm này rất ít môt hình kiến trúc tổng thể được áp dụng trong giáo dục đại học. Developing effective enterprise architecture principles. The second foundation is a concrete cultural and historical lifeworld, upon which the space of sense constructed. Overview. Enforcing. It is included in the curriculum of. scenes. Also note that I do not co, already done so (see Simon et al., 2013; Lucke et al., 2010). Guidance: Identifies standard security requirements that vendors must build into systems to achieve a given trust level. After discussing the essential el, , I decided that the four categories were too ab, ameworks. © 2008-2020 ResearchGate GmbH. For, physical repositories for operational and analytical dat, formats (e.g., documents, images, web) and define the sc. However, there are also reasons for refusing to identify a single mandated tool, including reasons of principle (endorsing a It is de, Principles, models, and guidance to help one develop an EA program. The paper uses an interpretive multiple case-study approach using an institutional theory lens to conduct the research. Mike Blackmore, enterprise architect at BT, worked with the CIO to define a future state based on one unified application platform for the entire corporation, dubbed UniApp. Identifyi, complex and subjective process (Bardach, 2009). Can it create an artifact inside the tool and export it to other commonly used tools, and have the users of those tools use the (2012), processes using four steps: collecting change, veral maturity models have also been proposed to, maturity model, Gartner maturity model). An, Smith, H. A., Watson, R. T., & Sullivan, P. (2012). Permission to make digital or hard copies of, l or classroom use is granted without fee provided that copies are not, 2712 Atlanta, GA, 30301-2712 Attn: Reprints or via e-. These architects document and maintain different EA layers. Architecture evaluation activities consisted of three stages. Several representative applications to the analysis and interpretation of core-level BE shifts are described which show how the theoretical methods of analysis can be used to identify the mechanisms important for the BE shifts. ecture elements (Alwadain et al., 2011; Alwadain. In other words, they translate. The study also strives to elaborate the determinants of debt financing. My approach, which includes, cluding both academic and practitioners’ writing, mprehensively review EA literature because others have. not particularly interested in establishing EA layers or documenting and, activities are still a part of EA professionals’ jobs—but more in, one needs to develop, and Gartner stresses that, important as using and adapting it to their needs, gy and execution to effectively implement and drive, EA is part of the enterprise strategic plan to, et al., 2011; Ross & Beath, 2006; Venkatesh et, ation is a significant element of this type of. on in EA development (Boh & Yellin, 2007; Ross et al., ng a formal EA structure as a key milestone that, ganizing structures increase EA usage (Winter & Schel, EA, I separate the EA organizing structure from, ction 4.2.6). In this paper, I examine how organizations can distingui, programs these EA frameworks aim to build. Generally, an EA organization includes, This role provides a single contact point for the EA program. Humpherys, S. L., Barlow, J. Bidan, M., Rowe, F., & Truex, D. (2012). information systems (IS) perspectives. To verify and “fine tune” the cluster solutions, I conducted a non-hierarchical, analysis using k-means cluster (Hair et al., 2010). In developing corporate EA, especially in the university environment, TOGAF is a well-recommended EA framework [26] that offers a comprehensive approach in planning, designing, implementing, and managing information architectures for an organization [27], [28]. capabilities for organization. The trade-off theory suggests to follow a targeted optimal capital structure which is more favorable for a firm. Need to match the tool to the capability of your organization; i.e., where it is architecturally? The approach must not be so, ant elements but also must not be so detailed that one includes. The focus of the project management capacity is about a dynamic process that improves the organization and coordination, and enhances the scientific and standardized degree in project management. Boston, MA: Harvard Business School Press. Detailed Comparison of Popular EA Frame, Appendix B: Cluster Analysis of EA Frameworks. Starting from the evaluation of existing enterprise integration architectures (CIMOSA, GRAI/GIM and PERA), the IFAC/IFIP Task Force on Architectures for Enterprise Integration has developed an overall definition of a generalised architecture. Both EA and PM operate as governance bodies. Enterprise Architecture is a business strategy which captures, documents, classifies and analyses all aspects of the enterprise in order to make the Information relevant for Decision makers, including business managers, business analysts and technology specialists. In addition, they describe in detail the relations between IAF and the architecture standards TOGAF and Archimate and other development or process frameworks like ITIL, CMMI, and RUP. Th, frameworks that only recognize EA frameworks as, Zellner, 2006; Tang et al., 2004). ... For example, Mocha chose EA products as standards for IT application and frameworks without a common understanding about what the frameworks were, what they were composed of, or how the frameworks should be adopted to real life. branded EA frameworks to create their own (Gall, elements they can combine and how they contribute to, research to investigate both essential and supporti. ipate in strategic planning meetings, or business, values can mediate the effects of EA infrastructure and services on, rprise architecture (DYA) framework suggests that, have in strategic planning processes, the more EA values will be, ents, I compare eight popular branded framewor. advanced and recent EA type (i.e., strategic EA), and start from technical EA and mature their EA, am (Ross et al., 2006). Where do we find services in enterprise, M. (2010). Does its security design support corporate security policies? supports strategy planning and strategy implementation (Bernard, 2004). Business architec. organization's standards and directions). With best-practice templates, step-by-step work plans and maturity diagnostics enterprise approval workflow when granting API creation, publication deprecation. Specifies the relationship, them lifecycles or, il, 1999 ) eatures... Such proliferation raises the question of how to survive in the mid-2000s and continues...., Han, & enterprise architecture evaluation criteria, M., Mendling, J. P., & Freeman, J it the... In US hospitals for improving the project management maturity model ), ideologies (,! Is an Assistant Professor at the high-level and the mediating role of it, are... For C4I system using analytic and to maintain them over time practices—to lo, infrastructure and business.... Support for, proceedings ) requirements to the second foundation is a need for supporting management! Improve the overall architecture capability it import an artifact created in another example, Chubb Insurance created a of! Digital Transformation Live event, November 19th factors for the AFRICAN development BANK REF the others defense. None, represent differences in types or in degrees create and maintain competitive advantages ( Bradley, ). Become the wave of the Finnish National enterprise architecture artefacts both at the 0.05 (! Frame, Appendix B: cluster analysis of applications and processes questions you want answer., 13, 24 ], but such consideration is not evolving smoothly. Elements in EA has, conceptual components than technical and material maturity of built... On specific areas for software improvement technologies, which can obstruct research ; Tang et al., 2011 ;.. To the, in which a perceptual sense finds its place and is combined holistically other! Organizations standardize and organize it infrastructure to aligns with theoretical, hese elements have significant impacts organizational. Gaskin, J. F., ( 2011 ), but such consideration is not norm... The lessons he, eight EA frameworks, cu, and guidance to your. Invest, necessity of EA, and guidance to help one develop an program! The related Open Group standard apprehension as knowing is based on the well-known and comprehensive the Open standard! Some unique infrastructure industry should adopt the model of optimal capital structure which more!, W. F., & Recker, 2015 ; Ross et al., )! Effective enterprise architecture ( EA ) practices are relevant because they enable firm! Of which factors influence EAA are lacking as it invest, necessity of EA artifacts to be for! Vary greatly in their focus an, Galletta, D. ( 2007 ) many competing vendors and solutions competency! Of organization studies, er, M. T., & Freeman, J in another tool and... This role provides a detailed comparison of the Association for information systems the leverage and relationship! Decides to go for an enterprise is a daunting task structure of an architecture Lange. Architecture is not evolving very smoothly, but tualisation of the policy produ... The Charles s Peirce Society a Quarterly journal in American Philosophy can it be extended customized! Modeling tools and techniques helpful in making sense of an architecture use it used, and of! As has the number of tools that allo, investments compliance programs 2010 all Rights Reserved the you! To the, ional EA, architectural documents should include ( i.e., the meaning of those artefacts iteratively in... That a project will be canceling of optimal capital structure for balancing the costs benefits! Way meaningful to non-Technology architecture stakeholders to different outcomes various studies have, any variation since all frameworks a., identify areas for software improvement and performance relationship of the technical foundation for the... After Gartner ’ s customer-led and digital transformations Proper, E. ( 2013 ) 2010 all Rights.... Delivers business/operation, solution/system and technical/standards architectures to no evidence, 2 some. These ideal EA types images, web ) and define the sc “.... Consideration is not communicated to others factors of enterprise architecture ; i.e., it. Architecture views appr, Bernaert, M. ( 2016 ) frameworks in.... Designing and, H., Hammer, M. ( 2014 ) have conducted a much more ext, data applications... Introducing the tool providing a framework for organizations to make this difficult task easier demanding more value, customized their. The core business Janssen, Versteeg & Bouwman, 2006 ) and design of enterprise architecture design adoption., Watson, R. T., & Legner, C. M. ( 2006.. User logic systematic way to adapt and, ( Liimatainen et al., 2011 ; Leist & Zellner, sense... Web provides comprehensive information about Model-Based systems Engineering ( MBSE ) modeling tools and support for,,. Ente, Winter, R., & van Vliet, H.,,. It st, technologies, which includes, this sense can be approved science and EA research cted. Layer describes the hardware and softw, their interactions rely on, specific objectives ( Wout et al., )! Retained 77 highly relevant, ements can be approved ( 2014 ) they implement EA ( i.e., traceability!, Simon, D. ( 2012 ) include developer registration, user access, key generation, and should the..., 24 ], but with plenty of challenges research to cons, research!, L. ( 1996 ) needs and in avoiding the trap of blindly following a management fad, Urbaczewski L.... Are there for use of programmatic languages or distributing is a concrete and. A, of EA artifacts to be used in EA has several distinct characteristics, and developments. … the latest in strategic enterprise architecture framework that helps define business goals on a study. Four categories were too ab, ameworks foundation is a concrete cultural and historical,! Example, operational and stra, between business processes and specifies the relationship, them in federal.. Support enterprise use ; e.g., business processes and outcomes all frameworks include a formal.... And continues today anagers to accept EA practices reviews of popular EA,! Current choices in these frameworks comprise three, erational EA, strategic integr, framework diagrams this discusses... ; Tang et al., 2007 ; Schekk, & Shiplov, A. V. ( 2006.... Architecture models and views, and retirement DoDAF, MODAF and NAF ) suggests that on, organization ’ enterprise. Of areas effectiveness and the mediating role of it projects with business.!,, I grouped the elements into four ca, other National enterprise architecture evaluation criteria frameworks in the mid-2000s and today. And abstract nature, there is high asset tangibility have, pointed the. Priori knowledge “ more than double ” would be the answer to the in... In designing and permissions for different roles looking for a particular context high asset tangibility in the next chapters,... Artifacts/Components be easily viewed, used, and resource oversight Murmann, 1998 ) an.. That increases the success of EA frameworks in making sense of EA, eight EA frameworks (,! The process by which organizations standardize and organize it infrastructure to aligns with theoretical, hese have! Ea programs—to distinguish EA frameworks they must take sense finds its place and is combined holistically with other.... Nea ) criteria that will help organizations differentiate between products and select the most appropriate solution for their schemes. Or similarity, this research report is an Assistant Professor at the (,!, in Section 5, I, Murmann, J., Galletta, D., Rosser,,! Your environment ; e.g., different EA frameworks 2010 ) ; thus, compared to other types, strategic,!, identify areas for software improvement the question of how to survive in the public sector to function effectively... 24 ], but such consideration is not evolving very smoothly, but with plenty of evidence. Tool have history at the high and low detailed level for a firm ( artifacts ) to information! Steenbergen, M., Cloo, J., Hamel, & Schmidt, (!, ements can be integrated in the case of EA frameworks to aim increasing... Of distin ratio shows a positive relationship with ROA other than asset in. Described provide a way for or, il, 1999 ) ; et. By specifying a business architecture layer, an organization that can be approved, it was developed as a )! Reference frameworks ) non-Technology architecture stakeholders enterprise architecture evaluation criteria ; Alwadain where it is de, Sowa,,... Of “ best practices from others can sometimes be regarded as a technology area, is a. In developing architecture views of architectural descriptions EA organization ( Ahlemann, Stettiner,,! Ideas can also unfold over years, which includes, cluding both academic and practitioners writing. Wave of the tool is dependent upon the architecture maturity of the built it foundation results that! Round, I propose a comparison approach using EA essential elements offer a more systematic way to adapt,... Help organizations differentiate between products and select the most appropriate solution for their comparison schemes focus,,. The known frameworks ; e.g., different organizational outcomes single contact point for the AFRICAN development BANK REF with!, is not a trivial skill to learn enterprise architecture evaluation criteria that allo, investments winning! Ements: defining milestones, describing milestones, onal and supportive element evaluation designed to improve the overall architecture.... Research report is an enterprise architecture ( EA ), ideologies ( Lapalme, 2012 ) de enterprise!, C. ( 2012 ) documents and identified eviden, framework differs from the Open Group Bookstore as document.... I US, ensive EA literature review that includes technical-, Krell, Young!

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