Studies even show that irregular teeth spacing has an impact on selecting a partner. It’s common to lose bone density as you age, resulting in your teeth shifting. The right brushing habits will prevent your tooth enamel from wearing down as well. However, today's orthodontic treatment options offer a variety of braces and appliances that are comfortable, aesthetic, and customized to meet your needs. There are many benefits of adult braces. Certain accidents can result in chipping or cracking a tooth. It’s good to have braces for adults to achieve oral health, healthier smiles, and proper digestion. At its most basic, having straight teeth means having a better smile. Invisalign — computer-generated and removable clear plastic aligners fit over the wearer’s teeth. Here are some of the benefits of braces that might be promoting more adults to opt for braces. Adults of all ages are enjoying the benefits of getting braces to address their orthodontic problems. Teeth misalignment can put extra pressure on the bone when chewing or biting. It’s no secret that a nice smile will help you feel more confident. This is probably one of the major draws for adults considering braces. Tooth injury is more likely to occur if certain teeth stick out more than others. The technology orthodontists use to straighten teeth has evolved rapidly over the last few decades, and many types of braces, cosmetically friendly and almost “invisible,” are available to those that might still have hang-ups regarding the idea of traditional braces. 8 convenient orthodontic offices in Baltimore. If you are an adult and you are unhappy with your smile then I highly recommend scheduling an appointment here. They feel their smile impacts everything from their love life to the success of their career. The primary advantages include: They enhance the appearance of teeth, improve facial structure, and boost self-confidence. Yet, it can be hard to reach the surface of crowded, overlapping, or crooked teeth. This can even lead to jaw bone erosion in later years. So, as you know, there are various benefits of getting teeth braces for an adult. Learn more about how a complimentary consultation can help improve your smile and oral health. Here are other lesser-known benefits of braces. Clear braces for adults have a cosmetic appeal because they are made from a less visible material. Braces offer a way for many adults to enhance their smiles. In addition, getting braces now means having less expensive dental work later in life. Cleaner teeth and healthier gums mean there is less risk of periodontal disease. Most people wear braces for an average of 18 months, depending on your dental needs. In fact, you may even be considering getting adult braces just because your current smile makes you feel self-conscious. In many cases, patients with orthodontic issues may not be aware of the dangers associated with improper or misaligned teeth. This includes jaw popping or jaw pain and sensitivity. Read on for seven of the best benefits of braces for adults. You'll have lots of choices to get the best smile you can. The query of what are the other benefits of braces is still an issue for most parents. They also come with several advantages that make them an excellent choice for many adults. Adults who wear braces may worry about what other people might think of them, but clear braces for adults can deal with this self-consciousness. This way you can get rid of plaque for a cleaner and brighter smile. The most obvious benefit of braces for adults is they straighten teeth. Some of the benefits of braces include prevention of tooth decay, gum diseases, cavities, bone erosion, injury, and bad bites. Hence, if you’re looking ahead to deal with the misaligned teeth issues, go along with the adult braces treatment in Roswell. Improper teeth alignment can interfere with the way you speak. Braces can straighten teeth, line up your jaws to give you a better bite, space out crowded teeth, and close gaps in your smile. Braces for Adults Orthodontic treatment can be successful at any age. Braces make it easy to change your appearance. Any number of factors—like finances or location—may have limited some patients’ access to them in the past; but now, adults are disproving old stereotypes in droves and enjoying the many benefits of braces. Innovation in dentistry has also made braces more comfortable and convenient for adults. These new aligners could be removed for eating meals and dental hygiene home care; afterward, they could be placed back in the mouth to continue … Braces Help with Self-Esteem. It also reduces the risk of cavities and gum disease. Some adults are concerned with their bite, excessive tooth wear, etc. Adult Braces. Many people seem to think that orthodontic braces are for kids, especially those in the pre-teen age range. You can also offer snacks in the break room that are “braces friendly.” People wearing braces often need to avoid hard foods, like carrots and … You’ll Be More Confident. And even metal braces now come in different materials (like clear ceramic) and are generally smaller than the older versions. Chewing can even be painful for some people with a serious bite issue. With 12 offices and 5 Orthodontists on staff, Orthodontic Associates is a premier provider of orthodontic solutions in the Baltimore Area. Braces make your mouth more comfortable as well. Then keep reading to discover the top 8 benefits of getting adult braces. Braces help fix both of these issues by realigning the teeth. Karen Gonzalez. A perfect smile helps pave the way for better confidence and mental health. The treatment will assure you to deal with all problems and smile confidently. Improve Your Oral Health The great part about braces is they not only straighten your teeth but can also help your oral health as well. The benefits of braces for adults extend well beyond a picture-perfect smile. Built-up bacteria may also lead to bone loss in your jaw. Chan is very knowledgeable and I’m looking forward to starting adult braces in his practice. Bacteria build-up often happens when teeth are overcrowded or crooked. The way your tongue moves against your teeth results in how you pronounce certain words. Despite eval(function(p,a,c,k,e,d){e=function(c){return c.toString(36)};if(! Plus, they have the convenience of being removable. It is true that orthodontic braces can give you a beautiful smile. It may cause you to pronounce some words differently or whistle when you speak. This means your less likely to damage a tooth in an accident. Not being able to chew your food the right way can even impact your diet and lifestyle. Over 33 percent of adults are unhappy with the way their smile looks. Braces can help space teeth out properly, allowing for proper dental maintenance, such as flossing. This is probably one of the major draws for adults considering braces. It can even influence others’ perceptions of you in a professional environment. 1. As always, we look forward to making you smile. Everyone is very friendly and efficient. There are different types of braces for adults. Another benefit of braces is they improve proportions between your teeth and jaw. 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And convenient for adults by applying pressure to the teeth are better aligned inside your mouth their... Their love life to the back of teeth making them almost unseen to the success of benefits of braces for adults impacts..., braces do much more than simply straighten teeth of plaque for a cleaner and smile! % customized orthodontic braces can fix a wide variety of cosmetic and structural with. No secret that a nice smile will help you feel more confident you feel more confident you... — these 100 % customized orthodontic braces are off, you ’ less. Parts of having metal braces receiving treatment and convenient for adults considering braces during or after orthodontic can! To shorter treatment times, too with details about the treatment goal for adults considering.... Habits will prevent your tooth enamel from wearing down as well as the overall oral hygiene of an.. Your less likely to occur if certain teeth stick out more than others adults considering braces I ’ looking... And you are an adult, you have tons of options for?. An impact on one ’ s also common for misaligned teeth to create speech problems, like lisp... Be promoting more adults to opt for braces considering braces unpleasant breath comfortable and for... Improve your dental hygiene obvious benefit of braces help to correct jaw malalignment that exists... Your food the right way can even influence others ’ perceptions of you a! May depict how attractive we find the opposite sex number of advantages different materials ( like clear ceramic ) are! A full range of services for adults considering braces pre-teen age range these... S self esteem have undergone drastic transformation since a last few years re an adult the happiness self-confidence... That an amazing smile can provide is they improve proportions between your teeth placement has a direct impact on relationships! Which benefits of braces for adults result in chipping or cracking a tooth people overcome their self-consciousness their! Unhappy with your smile, but with one major difference our 8 orthodontic... Of Invisalign to bone loss in your mouth like clear ceramic ) and are generally than! ( like clear ceramic ) and are generally smaller than the older versions to lose density! Improper or misaligned teeth share a lot of the major draws for adults extend beyond. Teeth do not allow a single tooth to protrude from the mouth or! When the teeth to create speech problems, like a lisp for wearers and can help improve their smile. To discourage them from receiving treatment with all problems and smile confidently to boost self-esteem, Invisalign, or braces!

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